Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fagan Eats Paleo Product Review: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins was a generous sponsor of the giveaway that I was running with some other Paleo bloggers this month.  And they sent me some of their products to try out and review for you all.  

I have so much respect for companies that are so confident and proud of their product that they are generous-generous with samples and donations and the like.  It means that they KNOW you will want to buy more.  

Vital Proteins sent me two things to try:  Collagen Peptides and Beauty Greens.  Their Collagen Peptides are sourced from pastured, grass-fed cows and dissolve in hot or cold water. Yay! According to the Vital Proteins website, "Collagen peptides contain the same amino acids as gelatin which are identical to the protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints."  It's gluten free and non-GMO.  Their Beauty Greens product is a "nourishing elixir" that "combines marine collagen with raw organic greens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics."  It's flavored with organic coconut water and Madagascar vanilla beans.  Wow.  You get the point: these products contain quality ingredients.  Isn't that what Paleo is all about, anyway?!

I heart the Collagen Peptides.  I incorporate them as a Paleo-friendly protein powder source for my pre-workout Protein Smoothie.  There are 18 grams of protein per serving!  You could use either the Collagen Peptides or the Beauty Greens in a, smoothie recipe, but this is a great and clean Paleo source of protein (though collagen is not a complete protein because it does not contain all the essential amino acids), especially for those of us who do not tolerate whey very well.  

Collagen is wonderful for healthy skin, joints, and bones.  I also personally find that it helps with those pesky sugar cravings. It also can be a fat loss aid.  I like to put some in my hot black tea as a snack:  Collagen Tea.  The Vital Proteins website is a great resource for information about the health benefits and research on collagen: Collagen Research.  

The Beauty Greens product is made with marine collagen but has the added benefit of probiotics and, of course, organic greens!  My boyfriend loves this product and has started incorporating it into his morning smoothie, while I prefer the Collagen Peptides because they are flavorless. While I find the Beauty Greens to be an amazingly quality product, I did not enjoy the taste.   

The Vital Proteins products are of the highest quality, and since I started using them, I've noticed a difference in my skin, hair (it grows like a weed, and nails.  

I absolutely recommend that you check out the Vital Proteins website and look at what they have to offer:  gelatin, whey protein (in various flavors), marine collagen, Type II cartilage collagen capsules, developed with Dr. Kaayla Daniel, and beef liver capsules.  

Hope you find this helpful!  <3 --J


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