Friday, May 30, 2014

Paleo Product Review: Genuto: "100% Nut Based Gelato"

I took a much needed vacation for the Memorial Day holiday.  My roommates from college and I had what we have termed a "roommate reunion" every year.  I'm not exactly sure when we started, but it's been going on for nearly a decade now.  No boys.  No kids.  Just the girls, girl talk, silly games, and lots of yummy food.  We hang out at one of the roomie's vacation homes for the weekend.  Beforehand, I fly into NYC and hang out with one of the roommates for a couple days before we make the trek to the Poconos.   I had a great time.  I plan on writing a "traveling Paleo" blog post about it soon.  But in the meantime, I present a product review of one of my favorite dessert discoveries at Alameda Natural Grocery:  Genuto.
Insert:   **Thunderous applause and flashing, colored lights***

Velvety deliciousness!
Here's the lowdown.  I'm going to give you the bad news first.  This product is not 100% Paleo.  Why?  One of the ingredients is organic cane sugar.  Not Paleo, I know.  It doesn't contain soy but apparently the probiotic in it is grown on a "soy medium." Okay.  We got that over with.  Now listen to the rest--which starts with a back story.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fagan Eats Paleo Recipe: Easy Weeknight Paleo Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Paleo Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

This recipe is near and dear to my heart but not because it is a culinary masterpiece.  It's because it's the very first thing I taught myself to cook when I first learned about "cleansing" and detoxification in 2006.  I used to tell my coworkers (who were all experienced cooks in their own right) that I would make chicken with only salt, pepper and olive oil on it--and they used to laugh at my "famous" chicken recipe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paleo Recipe Review: Eating for Idiots Barbacoa

As usual, it's been a busy week and any recipe that can be done in the slow cooker is always a winner.  Eating for Idiots Barbacoa is one of my go to recipes.  It's fast, easy, and packs a ton of flavor in each bite.  FABULOUS recipe.  Plus, it helps satisfy that craving for Mexican I miss so much.

The first part of the recipe is quite easy:  just put all the ingredients in a food processor.  You end up with something that looks like the photo below.  It's a salsa-like consistency and if you have a little taste--it's a flavor bomb in your mouth.  I could stop right here dipping plantain chips in this little mixture and be completely content.  

Beginning to cook the barbacoa in the crockpot.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fagan Eats Paleo Recipe: Paleo Yuca Puree

Paleo Yuca Puree

Today, I have for you a puree recipe made from yuca.  You see, mashed potatoes are my most favorite food on the planet.  But, of course, mashed potatoes are not Paleo.  So, I'm always searching for substitutes to satisfy that craving.  And my latest adventure in mashed potato substitute exploration:  yuca.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fagan Eats Paleo Recipe: Paleo Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Corn Soup

Paleo Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken "Corn" Soup
A summertime soup.

So, yea.  Most bloggers are posting recipes using ingredients like watermelon and other spring-time summery treats.  And i'm posting a soup recipe. It's in my Pennsylvania Dutch blood.  I love soup. And this is a summer soup--PA style with a Paleo twist!