Monday, September 21, 2015

Fagan Eats Paleo Quick Tip: Collagen Tea

So, this is the beginning of a new type of blog post.  I'm calling them "quick tips."  Little tidbits of advice I've gathered along my Paleo journey that i'm going to share with you.  The first one today is--collagen tea.  

Collagen tea:  what is it?  I like to mix two tablespoons of collagen hydrolysate into hot black tea.  Collagen hydrolysate is a powder that dissolves in hot, cold or warm liquids.  It's a great source of protein and collagen and supports healthy joints and skin among other things.  This is a great post from Wellness Mama on the benefits of collagen:  About Collagen Hydrolysate 

Without further ado, here are some of the things I love about drinking collagen tea:

1.  It's a Great Substitute for Coffee

I like to use collagen tea as a coffee substitute. Why?  Well--I like a nice, comforting and warm drink in the mornings.  And coffee just doesn't work for me because of the caffeine.  But I do seem to tolerate black tea well.  Enter collagen tea. The earthy, tannin-y flavor of the tea compliments the flavor of the collagen perfectly.

2.  It Helps Reduce Sugar Cravings

I love to have collagen tea as a snack or when i'm craving sugar.  It's amazing. It makes the sugar cravings go away, so fast.  Give it a try!

3. It Helps Promote Good Sleep

Collagen contains glycine, an amino acid that has been linked to decreased anxiety and better sleep. I've found that collegen tea plus supplementing with magnesium has been integral in promoting sleep quality.  

Hope this little bit of information helps you folks on your Paleo journey!  --J

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