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Why I love paleo

Nearly ten years ago, I started seeing a holistic practitioner because I had terrible seasonal allergies--debilitating allergies I’d never experienced before.   She immediately put me on a diet she called the “cleanse.”  This was in 2005.  This “cleanse” diet plan looks like something very similar to the Paleo autoimmune protocol.  But the cleanse guidelines, in my opinion, are stricter.  No beef.  No pork.  Yikes!  In any event, I felt immediate relief (well, after the requisite four or five days where your body is eliminating toxins!)   I felt more energetic than ever.  I lost weight.  But I was never able to sustain it.   

And then I started law school, developed a coffee addiction, and four years later, in 2010 when I graduated, I was in the worst shape of my life.  Becoming a lawyer didn’t make things better.  So, I went back to the “cleanse.”  And I have now found that the Paleo community has created a sustainable lifestyle for me.  Back when I started doing the “cleanse” in 2005, there were few resources out there. Today, in the Paleo and vegan camps, there is a wealth of information, support, and products that make this lifestyle sustainable. 

Some people find the Paleo diet too restrictive for their tastes.  They need to be able to eat whatever they want—in moderation.  But for me, I find this lifestyle truly liberating.  No more guilt attached to what I eat—even if I eat a Paleo treat--because my body naturally tells me when I’ve had enough.  In ditching the grains, processed foods and sugar, and dairy, I’ve also ditched the guilt. 


Some people in the Paleo community are purists.  I believe in a flexible approach to Paleo.  Personally, I would never be able to sustain this lifestyle without the advent of Paleo desserts.  We’re all different and we have different needs.  Paleo is about listening to your body and figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t.  For me, I eat potatoes on occasion.  I also eat goat cheese on occasion too.   My recipes and posts will reflect my flexible take on Paleo and what works for me as an individual. 

What influences my tastes. 

I’m from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania originally.  I moved to California in 2004-having never ever been to the state before.  I packed up my Hyundai Accent with all it would hold and headed West.

Though I’ve lived in California for nearly a decade and I get to enjoy some of the most amazingly fresh produce and cuisine this country has to offer in the Bay Area, I’ve found that time and time again, I am drawn towards the food I grew up with:  Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine.  So, in case you don’t know—Pennsylvania Dutch food is hearty comfort food.  We eat things like pork and sauerkraut, shoofly pie, apple butter, and lots and lots of soups like chicken corn soup.  It’s hearty, “stick to your bones” food.  But moving to California has opened up many flavors, foods, and cuisines to me.  So, my tastes incorporate both styles. 


I have two orange tabby kitties named Fagan and Broch.  I love, love, love them. I call them my “bear bears.”  And this blog is named after one of them, Fagan.  You see, Fagan was diagnosed with asthma in 2006.  Though he is administered medicine by inhaler (yes, they have inhalers for cats), he still has asthma attacks sometimes.  In a cat, an asthma attack sounds like coughing.  Since switching to a grain-free diet, Fagan’s asthma attacks have been reduced substantially.  I also notice him running a lot more and just being a more energetic kitty in general.  I love that this grain-free lifestyle works for humans and kitties alike!

It's Fagan-bear!

This is Broch-bear!

My boyfriend, David started the “cleanse” with me for the first time last year.  And he started Paleo with me this year.  He is my favorite person in the world to cook for because he so appreciates everything I make him.  He makes me feel like a rock star in the kitchen.  He also has mastered baking the Against All Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe! 

David playing guitar with our kitty, Spirit.  (RIP, Spirit.  <3)

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