Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jamie's Thoughts: Paleo at Disneyland

Me and my friend Ariana at Disneyland.
Last weekend, I went to Disneyland for the first time.  Ever.  Hey, age 35 is better than never, right?!?  Right!

So traveling and trying to stay Paleo can be difficult.  It's important to be prepared.  But facing the fried chicken, corn dogs, Dole whip, and myriad of fried food and frozen desserts can be a challenge.   So what's a person who wants to stay Paleo to do?  And most importantly, how do you make good food choices and feel like you aren't missing out on all the Disney fun at the same time?

For me, it's all about my mindset.  If my head is in the right place, good decisions normally follow. In advance, I promise myself that I will do my best to make good decisions, and if I end up being less than Paleo-perfect, so be it.  I move on.  I don't berate myself.  It's funny because I find this I-don't need-to-be-perfect mindset, actually helps me to make more nourishing food decisions, rather than using it as a rationalization for falling off the wagon.  

I packed some protein bars, hard boiled eggs, and veggies in a frozen lunch tote for the plane.  I try to find decent food at the airport to supplement-- but it's nearly impossible to find fresh veggies at airport dining spots.  That's where the snacks come in.

I started out my Disneyland day with a smoothie that I made for my friend, Ariana, and I. I brought the protein powder, supplement powder, cocoa powder, and can of coconut milk with me in my luggage, and asked my friend to stock up on frozen blueberries and bananas for when I arrived. Thus, we started the day with a delicious, energizing breakfast. 

I brought some of my leftover snacks to the park--but the protein bar was a lifesaver.  For lunch, we decided to split the turkey leg.  I'm sure it's made with some non-Paleo-friendly ingredients, but in the spirit of my imperfect Paleo approach, I felt it was an excellent choice.  And tasty too!

For dinner we had steak and shrimp with mashed potatoes and broccolini.  My understanding is that Disney offers gluten-free alternatives, but but I opted not to ask for it.  I ordered my side salad without cheese and bread, since I don't tolerate cheese well.  But I did splurge with dessert. My friend ordered chocolate mousse cake, and I had apple pie.  Neither was gluten free for sure, but fortunately, I can tolerate a little bit of gluten exposure without adverse effects.  Again, if I had asked for gluten-free options, my understanding is that Disneyland would have accommodated me.  I just chose to work around and with the regular food options.

I ended the day with a little bit of hot chocolate and that's it.  I did splurge a little bit.  I did stray from some of my normal Paleo-friendly food choices.  But I ended up feeling good about my decisions.  

I had an amazing time at Disneyland.  I continue to be impressed by how accessible fresh fruit was and other alternatives for those of us living a Paleo lifestyle.  I'm so glad I had the chance to experience Disneyland--finally!  Hope this helps all of you who might be taking off to Disneyland!


End of the day at Disneyland.  So tired, but so fun!

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