Monday, March 28, 2016

Jamie's Thoughts: Weekly Cook Up #2

Sauteed Kale with Garlic

This week's cook up was a quick one because my boyfriend's family is coming into town and we'll be spending time with them.  I didn't want to overcook.  I started out by sauteing this yummy kale I got in my Imperfect Produce Box.  

Braised red cabbage

I got some beautiful red cabbage in my produce box as well, so I decided to braise it with some chopped onions and apple cider vinegar.  

Trader Joe's Turkey Burger

Because i'm trying to simplify this week, I got these clean turkey burgers from Trader Joe's, and I'll cook one of these up for dinner and eat along with the cabbage or kale for dinner. 

Sauteed mushrooms

I've been eating these enormous salads for lunch lately and they give me so much energy.  One of the things I cannot recommend enough as a salad topping is roasted mushrooms.  

Salad greens, lettuce

These are some of greens I got for my salads.  You'll notice I got some mint too.  I love adding herbs to my salads--mint, basil, cilantro--whatever I have on hand.  I find they brighten up my salads a lot.  

Tomatoes on the vine

You can't have a salad without tomato, right? Well, you certainly can--but aren't these tomatoes gorgeous?  So yum.  

Chopped peppers

I chopped up some pepper too for my salad.  

Sweet potatoes

Yep.  You guessed it-more salad ingredients.  I love to add roasted sweet potato to my salads too.  

And this is the protein I use to top my salads. Tuna's a great lean protein for salads and easy because it requires no food prep.  It's perfect for this kind of week where i'm really short on time.  

chicken poppers

And this is a new recipe i'm working on.  The working title is chicken pizza poppers.  They're pretty darn tasty folks. Can't wait to share the recipe with you!  

Anyway, that's my food prep for this week.  Great for when you want to eat healthy, but you're short on time!  ---J

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