Monday, March 21, 2016

Fagan Eats Paleo Product Review: RxBar Protein Bars


Sometimes I play around with certain macro ratios to see what works best for me.  My biggest challenge is hitting the protein-mark while staying on point with my fat intake at the same time.  It's not easy.  Finding Paleo-friendly, whole food sources of protein bars/powders is equally challenging.  That's why I'm always in search of a great tasting Paleo protein bar.  
RxBars are "whole food protein bars."  The cool thing about them is that they tell you what's in them right on the face of the package.  X number of egg whites, X number of almonds, X number of dates.  You don't get more transparent than that, right?

RxBars don't have processed sugar (just natural sources of sugar like dates), are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.  They are absolutely Paleo-friendly and even have Whole30 options.  

RxBars come in a variety of flavors:  blueberry, mint chocolate, chocolate sea salt, coffee chocolate, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, peanut butter.  You can look for a local retailer or buy them online here ----------------->Rx Bar.  

Okay, now onto the most important part--how do they taste?  As you can see, I tried a number of the chocolate variations:  chocolate coconut, chocolate sea salt, and coffee chocolate.  I enjoyed them all, but I didn't love them.  The flavor of the egg whites is certainly apparent in these bars, but not off putting.  But I do think it dulls the other sweeter flavors.  My favorite was the chocolate coconut, but that's likely because coconut is such a strong flavor, I think it overpowered the flavor imparted by the egg whites.  The coffee chocolate didn't give me a caffeine buzz, but I do wish the coffee flavor had been stronger in that bar.  

Overall, RxBars are a great Paleo option for on the go snacking or travelling.  They aren't so sweet that they'll send you off into a sugar binge either.  I definitely recommend for travel or snacks here and there. Little Disclaimer:  Don't worry--I was not paid by RxBar to write this review.  I just wanted to share my experience.  

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