Monday, April 11, 2016

Fagan Eats Paleo Product Review: Thrive Market

This blog post is about an "online shopping club" I just started using called Thrive Market.  I've heard it described as an online retailer that's like WholeFoods and Costco having a baby.  If you can picture that...

I just love that description because it's so true! Thrive Market is an online "socially conscious" retailer that provides wholesale prices on some of your favorite organic and non-GMO products. 

There is a subscription fee of about $60, but they offer a free 30-day trial to try it out.  However, I think that if you start buying your Paleo staples from this service, you'll see that with the great prices the $60 price of admission is totally worth it.  According to the Thrive website, when you pay an annual fee, that fee sponsors the fee for a low income family to become Thrive members too. That's good to know!

Shipping on orders over $49 is free and they have a bunch of different member offers if you place an order above a certain amount (over $99), like free coconut oil or Paleo mayo.  You just gotta be on the lookout, but it seems like they always have some deal going on.

I signed up for Thrive when they were offering a 25% discount on new orders and a free beef bone broth.  (Woohoo!). Plus shipping was free for an order over $49.  I purchased a box of Epic Bars, this amazing and oh-so affordable Thrive-branded ghee, the free bone broth, and tons of my favorite Inka plantain chips.  On top of the 25% to 50% discounted prices, I saved an additional $23 with the 25% new order discount and the free bone broth.  It really was a no-brainer to give it a try.    

So what's the verdict?  I really love Thrive.  Epic Bars are usually so expensive, so buying through Thrive saves me a ton of money.  Plus, their branded ghee is awesome.  The options at the natural grocery store made buying ghee a little cost-prohibitive, but at Thrive costs, I can afford to make ghee one of my go-to cooking oils.  Yay! The price on my oft-purchased plantain chips was a good deal over the retail prices I pay at the local grocery store as well.   Overall, I'm really glad I signed up.  
As always, here's my little disclaimer.  Thrive did not pay me or offer me any products to write this product review. I just really appreciate the service, and I feel like it's been really helpful to me.  Hope this helps all of you!  -- J

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